👨‍💼 Players Number2-10
🃏 Card Deck52
📋 Type Of GameShedding-type
💪 Difficulty2/5 🌶️🌶️
🏷️ Different name I Doubt It, Bullshit
🥇 Rating5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Decoding “Cheat”: An Enthralling Card Game of Deceit and Strategy

Welcome to the world of “Cheat,” a card game recognized by various names across the globe, including “Bullshit” in the USA and often referred to as “I Doubt It” in literature. Engage in a riveting battle of wits and deceit, as you aim to discard all your cards while potentially bending the truth about your plays.

Embarking on the Cheat Card Game Adventure

The adventure begins with each player striving to outwit others by skillfully playing, or sometimes misrepresenting, their cards.

Note: There exists another variant, commonly known as “Bluff,” described separately, where players must consistently play the same rank until challenged.

Assembling Players and Preparing Cards

Engage 2 to 10 players with a standard 52-card deck, ensuring each participant receives a fair, albeit not always equal, number of cards.

Initiating the Game

Select a player to lead the game randomly and proceed in a clockwise direction.

Guidelines for Play and Strategy in the Cheat Card Game

Discard your cards effectively, and perhaps a tad deceitfully, to become the ultimate Cheat champion!

The Art and Strategy of Discarding Cards

  1. Play commences with the discard pile empty and players placing one or more cards face down, asserting their rank.
  2. The ranks progress from Aces to Kings, whereafter it circles back to Aces.
  3. While you declare a rank, the actual card(s) you play might differ, paving the way for strategic deceit or unavoidable diversions if the necessary card is absent.

Challenging and Confronting in Cheat

If suspicion arises regarding the authenticity of a play, any player can challenge it, proclaiming “Cheat!” or alternative terms based on regional preferences.

  • If cards revealed are as declared, the challenger draws the pile.
  • Conversely, if a discrepancy emerges, the challenged player draws the pile.

Post-challenge, play resumes with the subsequent player, maintaining the rank sequence.

Concluding the Game and Emerging Victorious

The first participant to successfully discard all cards, and astutely navigate through any ensuing challenges, is crowned the victor. Beware: should a challenge expose deceit on your final play, your journey back to triumph elongates.

Dive into a realm where strategy, bluff, and keen observation reign supreme, ensuring an animated and exhilarating card-playing session!

Exploring “Cheat”: Different Twists and Turns of the Game

The captivating world of the “Cheat” card game houses numerous variants, adding spice and challenges to its core mechanics. Let’s delve into these fascinating twists that keep players on their toes.

Game Modifications

When you’re immersed in a larger group, consider merging two or more card decks to accommodate everyone. Furthermore, the direction of card rank progression varies for different folks; some prefer descending from Ace to King, while others ascend.

Dynamic Rank Plays

  • Players might have the flexibility to play (or profess to play) a card rank immediately above or below the previously declared rank. For instance, after a declaration of “two tens,” the subsequent player can opt for either jacks or nines.
  • Another twist allows players to lay down cards of the same rank as previously played or to opt for a rank higher or lower.

Unique Regional Variants

In Fujian’s Chinese game “吹牛 (chuī niú)” or “说谎 (shuō huăng),” players face minimal rank restrictions, aiming to play (or falsely declare) identical rank sets. Successfully deceiving opponents accelerates card discarding, making the game intriguing. Often, multiple decks shuffle together, amplifying unpredictability. Further insights into this variant are detailed in Mae Channing’s blog.

Crafty Cheating Techniques

Some seasoned players employ a sly trick: they might play more cards than they announce, sneaking in an unrelated card amidst their claimed set. However, should this deceit get challenged and exposed, they bear the consequences.

Other Adaptations and Proprietary Versions

Further layers of the game unfold in variations detailed on Khopesh’s Bullshit page and in “I Doubt It!”, where consistent rank declarations dominate. Additionally, the Russian version, Verish’ ne Verish’, introduces another interesting spin.

The BS Button Twist

DollTV introduces a vibrant element with their “BS Button Game.” This package, available on, includes a standard card set, two wild jokers, two unique ‘bureaucrat’ cards, and a vocal BS button. Players use the button to challenge, which amusingly voices out “bullshit” in diverse celebrity tones. Adding more intrigue, the bureaucrat card, when played post-challenge, nullifies it and sets the subsequent rank play.

From casual evenings to vibrant drinking game sessions, the “Cheat” card game and its variants promise laughter, strategy, and a splash of unpredictability. Dive in and choose your preferred style!

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