👨‍💼Players Number2
🃏Card Deck52
📋Type Of GameTwo Players
💪Difficulty2/5 🌶️🌶️
🏷️Different name Turn Ten, Reverse Ten
🥇Rating4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Embark on a Swedish Card Journey with Vändtia

Embarking on a gaming adventure, Vändtia, translated as “turning tens,” potentially lays the foundation for the globally recognized card game, Shithead, beloved by adventurers and backpackers since the late 20th century.

Vändtia Regler

Originating from the Chilly North

Vändtia, likely emerging from Northern Sweden, reportedly hasn’t exceeded a few decades in its play history, according to researcher Dan Glimne, dating possibly to the 1970s. Its alternate name, “Skitgubbe,” particularly in Southern Sweden’s Skåne area, sometimes muddles its identity with a traditional three-player Swedish game.


  • The English name ‘shithead’ may derive from the Swedish ‘skitgubbe’.

Decoding the Game’s Objective

The end goal? Swiftly deplete your card stash before your opponent does.

Players, Cards, and Aiming for Zero

While Glimne outlines it predominantly as a two-player escapade, Johanna Kristoffersen underscores the game’s flexibility for more participants, with subtle rule tweaks.

  • A 52-card pack, sans attention to suits, propels the game.
  • Card ranking, from pinnacle to base, ranges from A to 2, spotlighting 2’s and 10’s as peculiar cards.

Commencing the Deal and Organizing Cards

Each player receives a cascade of three cards, face obscured, aligned in a neat row before them. Another triplet, revealed, is strategically placed atop the initial cards, followed by a hand-held set of three. The remaining cards form a central stockpile, ensuring each player commences with nine cards – three in hand and two trios (one veiled, one visible) before them.

Prior to game launch, players may shuttle cards between their hand and the visible trio, optimizing their lineup predominantly for high-valued cards, or the noteworthy tens and twos.

Navigating Through the Play

The inaugural move lies with the dealer’s left neighbor, who inaugurates the play pile with a single or a matching set of cards, continuing in a clockwise movement.

Players, on their turn, may advance a card/set atop the play pile, provided it equals or supersedes the preceding play, or alternatively, drop a special card (2 or 10). Post-play, should their hand dip below three, they draw from the stock. Then, the turn circulates left.

Introducing Special Events

Unveiling the Power of Ten

The ten, a wildcard, can overlay any card on the play pile, consequently “turning away” or sidelining the entire pile. The same player reinitiates play, unveiling a new card/set to spark a fresh play pile.

The Twofold Path of the Two

The two can be deployed irrespective of the play pile’s top card, preserving the pile and enabling the successor to play any card/set atop it.

A Quartet of Equals

Should four identical cards grace the play pile, they mimic the ten’s power, sidelining the pile and prompting the same player to reignite play with a fresh card/set.

Concluding the Vändtia Card Adventure

Witness the culmination of Vändtia, a card game where a stock depletion initiates the concluding phases, and players explore strategic depths to avoid being the final cardholder.

Navigating the Endgame

Once the stock bids farewell, players navigate through their cards without the safety net of replenishment. Inevitably, a player’s hand gets exhausted of cards, prompting gameplay to shift towards the three face-up cards laid out before them.

Upon a face-up card entering play, its concealed counterpart beneath is revealed, amplifying the anticipation. Should a player, devoid of hand cards, find themselves unable or unwilling to utilize a face-up card, they’re tasked with adopting the playing pile, thereby reverting subsequent plays back to hand cards until depletion occurs once more.

Only then, an empty hand permits a return to playing from the awaiting face-up cards.

Emergence of the Lone Loser

The journey concludes not with a singular winner, but with a lone loser. A player, having fully exhausted both hand and front-row cards, gracefully exits the stage, and the last player entwined in the card chaos loses.

Variations to Spice Up Vändtia Regler

Exploring Card Rearrangement

Some vändtia enthusiasts permit stacking identical cards during the rearrangement phase, adding a zesty twist to the conventional rules.

  • Stacking equal cards on a singular front-row position is allowed.
  • Immediate hand replenishment from the stock is mandated, ensuring a consistent hand count of three.

Such alterations potentially cascade into a scenario where players juggle more than three cards in hand, weaving an intricate web of strategic possibilities.

Navigating the Nuances of the Number 2

In some circles, the 2 card harbors a unique restriction; it cannot proclaim the finale of a player’s round. If a solitary 2 resides face-up, the player must adopt the play pile, infusing a dash of strategy and predicament into the vändtia regler, or rules.

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